Wall of honour

HTCC5 – Experimental Advances in Macromolecular Crystallography workshop is generously supported by the Croatian Science Foundation, within the frame of the project Biomimetic “funnel” and “bowl” supramolecular systems for the selective recognition of DNA/RNA (calixdna.org).


IUCr generously supports the HTCC5 bursary fund to enable young researchers to attend the workshop.




Xtal Concepts & Douglas Instruments kindly co-organize Activity A1: Bring your sample and provide all the necessary equipment.






Bruker is traditionally one of HTCC’s most important partners. Happy to have Bruker aboard HTCC5.





We welcome Formulatrix onboard the HTCC5 and are very much looking forward to the presentation of NT8.





ECA is generously supporting the HTCC5 bursary scheme for young researchers.