Bursary applications are closed.

Ooups, you’re too late. But, do go to fees and costs and check your options.


Bursaries for HTTC5

Are you a Ph.D. student or a postdoc? Are you legally employed by a public institution, and would you like to apply for a grant that would allow you to attend HTCC5? Brilliant! We provide a limited number of bursaries that cover partly or entirely your onsite expenses and/or registration fee. Typically, we shall cover your BB based accommodation for five days of the workshop and reduce your registration fee down to € 120. As a rule, we don’t cover travel expenses. But again, this is not carved in stone, we shall do our best to meet specific needs and requirements wherever possible.

Verify your eligibility

  1. You must be a Ph.D. student or postdoctoral fellow at a public university or research institution. 
  2. You must not be older than 35 (in other words, you must be born after 16/04/1988).
  3. You must be registered in the World Directory of Crystallographers (it’s easy, straightforward, and free).

Prepare three documents in PDF format

  1. Your CV (written in a HTCC5 CV template).*
  2. Motivation letter (Be sweet, brief and to the point. Tell us how you will benefit from HTCC5 and why do you need financial support).
  3. Letter of recommendation from your supervisor.
  • Please do follow strictly the template structure, don’t get verbose, and don’t add information not demanded. If there is nothing to write to a field, leave it empty. When completed, save it as a PDF and submit when you have completed the documentation.

Check the deadlines

  1. Register and submit the required documents no later than 16/12/2022,
  2. We will notify you on our decision no later than 23/12/2022,
  3. Accept or decline the bursary under the proposed conditions by sending us an email not later than 6/01/2023,
  4. Pay your applicable registration fee by 16/01/2023 to catch the early bird registration deadline.

Applicants must submit their bursary application by the deadline indicated online. No applications received after this deadline will be considered. Bursary recipients will be selected through a competitive process. All applicants who meet the basic criteria for financial support will have their application considered by an awarding panel.

Apply online

Now, that you have verified all the above, and have three documents prepared, you are all set to go to MyHTCC5 to register and apply for the bursary online.