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Would you like to become an HTCC5 sponsor/partner?

Please read carefully following few lines, and then scroll down (below the application form) for details on each individual sponsorship item (ISI). When you are ready, complete and submit the sponsorship application online form (just below this info introduction) and choose desired ISIs to be included to your package. We shall contact you with a formal offer in no time then.

This page contains:

  • General info for sponsors and exhibitors (this)
  • Sponsorship application online form (below)
  • Description of all individual sponsorship items on sale (scroll down, below the form)

There is no registration fee for representatives of the sponsoring companies ordering sponsorship packages in a  total value of € 800 or more. 

Please review the promotional opportunities (list of individual sponsorship items – ISIs) below the sponsorship application form (scroll down this page), and choose those which are best suited to promote your business. Note that discounts are available for the booked ISIs which, combined, cost over € 2.000,00 (10%), 3.000,00 (15%) or 4.000,00 (20%). All sponsorships with the total amount of booked ISIs of € 4.000,00 or more will get you the label “HTCC5 diamond sponsor”, which shall be clearly stated at the website and social networks along your company logo.

Some of the ISIs have limited availability (for instance, there is only one “programme book back cover” and only five booths). In all these cases, a general rule “first-come-first-served” applies.

For relevant deadlines, pertaining to registration, accommodation booking, but also deadlines specific to sponsorship (as the deadlines related to shipment of promotional material or sending the e-artworks), please go to Important dates.

For technical details on shipping your promotional materials (customs formalities, addresses, contact persons etc.)  as well as for bank details, please go to Payments & Shpiments section.

For more on the conference centre, lecture hall and exhibition/coffee break area, including the floor plan of the exhibition are, please click here.


Sponsorship application form

Max. file size: 100 MB.
Company address(Required)
Contact person(Required)
Choose among the available sponsorship items (for details see below)
If your sponsorship package exceeds € 4.000,00, a 20% discount is automatically added and your sponsorship is labeled as DIAMOND. If it exceeds € 3000,00 in total, 15% discount is automatically calculated. If it exceeds € 2.000,00, a 10% discount is calculated.

About the individual sponsorship items (ISI)

ISI1: Booth at HTCC5 (€ 1.200,00)

Booths at HTCC5 will be simple and enable you a perfect interaction with the attendees. It is a simple table with one or two chairs, an electrical socket, a high round cocktail table, or any other (reasonable) piece of furniture you may request. The booths will be conveniently placed in the coffee break area. You can decorate it with your rollups, posters or any other material you consider fit. Please check the floor plan of the conference centre to see where your booth might be. There are five of them avialable and all just in front of the lecture hall where people shall be mingling over the coffee and leg stretching breaks.

You can, of course, simply send us a rollup or a poster to present your business at the HTCC5. We will keep it there during the entire conference, conveniently located among the scientific posters in the coffee break area.

ISI3: Short presentation (10 min) (€ 700,00)

Maybe you would like to address the audience with a short presentation of your business. We will take care to place this presentation conveniently within the program so that it would be most enjoyable and efficient.

ISI4: Logo with a link at the

We will put your logo with the link to your company website on our cover page and to the HTCC5 “wall of honor”.

ISI5: Banner at the (€ 300,00)

On all pages, we will have up to five randomly interchangeable banners (to replace, gradually, current Dubrovnik panoramas). Please provide a .png or .jpg file, w:1100 px h:300 px.

ISI6: Full page advertisement in the HTCC5 program booklet (€ 300,00)

Please provide A5 format (w:148 mm, h:210 mm), tiff file, minimum 600 dpi.

ISI7: Back cover advertisement in the HTCC5 program booklet (€ 500,00)

Please provide A5 format (w:148 mm, h:210 mm), tiff file, minimum 600 dpi.

ISI8: Delegate bags (€ 200,00 + production + shipment)

We will let you design, produce and ship the delegate bags with your logo on them. We shall fill them up with the delegate bag inserts, blocks, pens and programme booklet and duly distribute to all registered participants.

ISI9: Delegate bag inserts (€ 300,00 + production + shipment)

You can produce and ship to us leaflets, USB sticks or any other kind of small promotional material and we will duly distribute them into the delegate bags.

ISI10: Delegate lanyards (€ 200,00 + production + shipment)

If you want your logo to appear on the lanyards of the delegate badges, please send the lanyards to us and we will make it happen. Don’t be afraid to show your colours!

ISI11: Logo on delegate badge (€ 500,00)

We shall print your logo on each delegate badge. Be truly visible!

ISI12: Day @htcc5 in your colours (€ 500,00 + production + shipment)

Send us two rollups and we shall conveniently place them next to the lecturer in front of the audience. In addition to this, send us your artwork (.png, .jpg, .ppt or .mp4) and we shall make sure that it appears on the screen during all breaks. And we will keep the lecture hall in your colours over the whole working day of your choosing (first come – first served).

ISI13: Additional day @htcc5 in your colours (€ 300,00 + production + shipment)

If you already chose ISI12, and still not happy with your visual presence in the lecture hall, check the box ISI13 also. And we will keep the lecture hall in your colours over two working days of your choosing (first come – first served). Please note that ISI13 does not work, if ISI12 is not booked.

ISI14: LCD screen 55′ at the entrance to the convention section (€ 300,00)

Send us your promotional artwork (.jpg, .png, 16:9 (1920×1080)) and it will appear on the big 55′ LCD screen located at the entrance to the convention centre. It will continuously loop along the other (up to four) other commercial adds (first come – first served).

ISI15: LCD screen 17′ at the entrance to the lecture hall (€ 150,00)

Send us your promotional artwork (.jpg, .png, 4:3), and it will continuosly loop with other commercials and the daily programme of the workshop, at the small, 17′ screen located conveniently at the entrance to the lecture hall.

ISI16: Best poster/presentation award (€ 300,00 + prize to be handed over)

All students are encouraged to submit the abstracts with the presentation of their surrent research. We shall review the abstracts and invite the participants to present their work in a form of a poster, a discussion triggering presentation (during the round table discussions) or a short invited presentation (10 min). You can define the eligibility, criteria and the prize for the best in show, prepare a little text to be put online, we shall provide all the onsite logistics (onsite application for the prize by the participants, peer review and prize handover). The winners will be announced and prizes handed over at the closing ceremony on Friday, 20th of April 2023.