HTCC5 – Experimental advances in macromolecular crystallography

HTCC5 is entirely dedicated to structural biology. We shall explore structural research of biological macromolecules (proteins, nucleic acids, and complexes) from a highly practical perspective, putting special emphasis on crystallization, data processing, and database (PDB and NDB) digging. Our lecturers, hand-picked among the leading experts in their respective fields, will hold lectures, moderate discussions, and answer your questions, all this in a laid-back, academic setting.

We have been particularly careful, when reaching out to lecturers, to ensure a perfect balance between academic researchers, university teachers, software developers and dedicated equipment manufacturers with a rich history of practical work in and around macromolecular crystallography. Students, on the other hand, will be encouraged to present their own work, either on a poster or by holding a short discussion triggering presentation (DTP). You will have an excellent opportunity to discuss the problems you encounter en route with the experts, but also with your fellow students, during the formal round table discussions or over a cup of coffee.

We are particularly keen to run, for the first time on HTCCs, a “Bring your sample” activity. in frame of which we will offer to all our students to bring over the protein (or nucleic acid, for that matter) samples which are particularly resistant to crystallization. We shall employ state-of-the-art technology and take advantage of the presence of our knowledgeable experts to help you out with crystallizing those stubborn macromolecules.

Finally, we have ensured excellent facilities for the HTCC5. Students, lecturers and organizers will be staying in the utterly elegant Sheraton Dubrovnik Riviera Hotel and Srebreno Premium Apartments (just accross the street from the hotel). The well equipped and comfortable conference centre is in located in the very hotel building. The venue is settled in a charming village of Srebreno, at mere 9 km from the majestic medieval city of Dubrovnik, and, conveniently, just at 10ish km from the Dubrovnik International Airport. The place is quiet, usually sunny and pleasantly sleepy in April, and provides an excellent setting for work and vivid scientific discussions.